Project Overview

The Southeast Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is implementing a conservation strategy to prevent the extinction of fish, wildlife and plant species in the state Of Georgia. Biologists commonly refer to species as “at-risk” if they face possible extinction, or extirpation from a geographic area. For the purposes of this conservation strategy, the Service’s Southeast Region has defined “at-risk species” as those species that have either been proposed for listing, are candidates for listing, or have been petitioned for listing. More and more species are being added to this list everyday.

With this iBook, we wish to inform the residents of Georgia and all interested parties about the species in their state that are at-risk of becoming endangered. With the information we provide, we hope to inspire Georgians to care more about wildlife and become more aware of their environment and how they affect it.

To accomplish our objective, we will need to break it down into individual steps:

  • Inform readers on what determines if a species is at-risk
  • Provide a database with general information on all the at-risk species in Georgia
  • Familiarize readers by integrating a visual map to illustrate where they can find these species in GA
  • Provide users with a contact for when they encounter an at-risk species
  • Engage users with the GFWS’s social media (Twitter in particular)
  • Implent an interactive component
  • Equip the user with tools to make his/her land more animal-friendly